Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review: Terraria

Terraria (PC Steam game)

Terraria is an indie game released not that long ago on Steam. It initially got some flak for its similarities to Minecraft, but these claims were based on only a very small portion of the game. Minecraft is about mining minerals and materials to build stuff. Terraria is more about exploration. Sure, you build stuff in Terraria and there have been some pretty incredible things built in it, but that's not the main portion of the game. Terraria is much more combat oriented than Minecraft. As you dig, you will be assulted by several different monsters of varying difficulty. The slimes you find on the surface and just underground are a complete joke while the fire imps you find in the underworld will destroy you if you don't have high tier gear. Although I do appreciate that Terraria is so combat oriented, there are some problems with it. The hit detection for some of the weapons and enemies can get a bit inaccurate. This usually results in taking hits despite blocking or dodging or having your attacks clearly make contact, but have no effect. These problems aren't so severe as to ruin gameplay, though.

Terraria does somewhat have an economy as well. As you build more rooms into your house/cabin/cave/castle/whatever more NPCs will move in. Some will offer to sell you stuff for coins made of copper, silver, or gold. These coins can be harvested from the raw mineral, picked up from killing enemies, and obtained from merchants from selling them unneeded items.

Check out Terraria's Steam page Here.

Terraria is an excellent game with few flaws. Between myself and Neuntoter, we have probably put a few hundred hours into this game. For $10 you can't go wrong. I'd give this one a definite buy. 9/10

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